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July 18 2012

Royal Ballet 2012/2013 Period 2 casting
(m = matinée)

The Firebird / In the Night / Raymonda Act III December 22 - January 11
The Firebird
Mendizabal*, Gartside*, Bhavnani*, Avis (Dec 22m, 29m)
Galeazzi, Watson, Arestis, Marriott (Dec 29; Jan 9)
Marquez, Soares, Crawford, Saunders (Jan 4, 11)

In the Night
Lamb*, Yanowsky*, Cojocaru*, Bonelli*, Kish*, Kobborg* (Dec 22m)
Lamb, Kobayashi*, Cojocaru, Bonelli, Pennefather*, Kobborg (Dec 29m; Jan 4)
Maguire*, Yanowsky, Marquez*, Campbell*, Kish, Acosta* (Dec 29; Jan 9, 11)

Raymonda Act III
Yanowsky, Kish*, Arestis, Hirano* (Dec 22; Jan 4)
Cojocaru, McRae*, Crawford*, Cervera* (Dec 29m; Jan 9)
Yanowsky, Hirano*, McNally*, Whitehead* (Dec 29; Jan 11)

Onegin January 19 - February 8
Cojocaru, Reilly‡, Takada, McRae, Gartside (Jan 19, 23, 30; Feb 2m)
Morera, Bonelli, Choe, Kish*, Avis (Jan 22, 25, 31; Feb 5)
Nuñez*, Soares, Hinkis*, Zucchetti*, Hirano (Jan 26m; Feb 1; Feb 7)
Lamb*, Hristov*, Naghdi*, Trzensimiech*, Whitehead (Feb 2, 8)

Marguerite and Armand
Tamara Rojo and Sergei Polunin in Marguerite and Armand. Photo ©ROH/Tristram Kenton

La Valse / Thaïs / Voices of Spring / Monotones I / Monotones II / Marguerite and Armand February 12-23
La Valse
Kobayashi, Raine, Crawford, Hirano, Gartside, Maloney* (Feb 12, 15, 21)
Bhavnani*, McNally, McCulloch, Hristov*, Kura*, Whitehead (Feb 13, 23)

Benjamin, Hristov* (Feb 12, 21)
Lamb, Pennefather (Feb 13, 23)
Galeazzi, Pennefather (Feb 15)

Voices of Spring
Choe*, Campbell* (Feb 12, 13, 21, 23)
Maguire*, Zuchetti* (Feb 15)

Monotones I
Trzensimiech*, Maguire*, Takada* (Feb 12, 15, 21)
Dyer*, Naghdi*, Padjak* (Feb 13, 23)

Monotones II
Nuñez*, Bonelli*, Watson* (Feb 12, 15, 21)
Arestis*, Hirano*, Kish* (13, 23)

Marguerite and Armand
Rojo, Polunin (Feb 12, 15, 21)
Yanowsky, Bonelli (Feb 13, 23)

Apollo / Aeternum / 24 Preludes February 22 - March 14 REVIEWS
Acosta, Nuñez, Cowley*, Mendizabal* (Feb 22; Mar 9m)
Bonelli, Hamilton*, Choe*, Kobayashi* (Feb 23m, Mar 7)
Pennefather*, Lamb*, Cowley, Mendizabal (Mar 14)

24 Preludes (NEW Ratmansky)
Benjamin, Cojocaru, Lamb, Yanowsky, Hristov, McRae, Watson, Pennefather (Feb 22, 23m; Mar 9m)
Hamilton, Cojocaru, Lamb, Yanowsky, Montaño, Cervera, Watson, Pennefather (Mar 7)
Crawford, Kaneko, Galeazzi, Hamilton, Cervera, Kish, Trzensimiech, Montaño (Mar 14)

Aeternum (NEW Wheeldon)
Nuñez, Kish, Bonelli, Hay (Feb 22; Mar 9m, 14)
Calvert, Hirano, Underwood, Sambé (Feb 23m; Mar 7)

†all casting is subject to change so please check on the Royal Opera House website
*denotes a debut in the role
‡Jason Reilly is a guest artist from Stuttgart Ballet replacing Johan Kobborg

April 13, 2012
Tamara Rojo named as next Artistic Director of English National Ballet

After her wonderful career with the Royal Ballet Tamara Rojo now caps it with her appointment announced today as Artistic Director of English National Ballet. This will not be a great surprise to members especially after she talked frankly about her directorial ambitions in her last interview with the Association in January 2011.

Needless to say we all offer her our heartiest congratulations and best wishes.

There has been widespread press coverage of the announcement:

Press release
Recent interview with Bruce Marriott on DanceTabs
Ismene Brown on The Arts Desk
Royal Opera House announcement
Judith Mackrell in The Guardian
Mark Brown in The Guardian
Mark Monahan in The Telegraph
Graham Watts on LondonDance.com
Photo gallery of some of Tamara's roles in The Telegraph

March 29, 2012
Royal Ballet 2012/2013 Period 1 casting
(m = matinée)

Swan Lake October 8 – November 24
Nuñez, Soarez, Saunders (Oct 8, 13m)
Osipova, Acosta, Avis (Oct 10, 13, 25)
Lamb, Pennefather, Saunders (Oct 11, 15; Nov 10)
Yanowsky, Kish, Avis (Oct 12, 17, 23‡)
Marquez, McRae, Gartside* (Oct 17m; Nov 6, 9, 24m)
Cojocaru, Bonelli, Pickering (Oct 27; Nov 22)
Nuñez, Bonelli, Pickering (Nov 10m)
Cojocaru, Kobborg, Marriott (Nov 15, 24)

Viscera / Infra / Fool's Paradise November 3-14
Viscera (Scarlett)
Morera*, Nuñez*, Hirano (Nov 3 , 5)
Hinkis*, Morera*, Bonelli* (Nov 7, 8)
Morera, Stock*, Kish* (Nov 12, 14)
Infra (McGregor)
Raine, Cowley*, Nuñez, Lamb, Hamilton, Choe, Watson, Hirano, Cervera, Underwood, Watkins, Kay (Nov 3, 5, 12)
Hinkis*, Hayward*, Naghdi*, Lamb, Kaneko*, Bracher*, Stepanek*, Dyer*, Maloney*, Trzensimiech*, Hay*, Ondiviela* (Nov 7, 8, 14)
Fool's Paradise (Wheeldon)
Lamb*, Hamilton*, Choe*, Bonelli*, Watson*, McRae* (Nov 3 , 5, 12)
Benjamin*, Nuñez*, Naghdi*, Kish*, Underwood*, Maloney* (Nov 7, 8, 14)

MacMillan triple bill November 17 – December 5
Choe, McRae, Lamb, Hirano, Mendizabal* (Nov 17, 27, 30)
Hinkis*, Campbell*, Nuñez, Pennefather, Calvert* (Nov 21, 29; Dec 5)
Las Hermanas
Yanowsky*, Morera*, Hamilton*, Soares* (Nov 17, 27, 30)
Cojocaru*, Mendizabal*, Stix-Brunell*, Whitehead* (Nov 21, 29; Dec 5)
Benjamin, Nuñez, Pennefather, Acosta, Cervera (Nov 17, 27)
Choe*, Crawford*, Soares*, Watson*, Campbell* (Nov 21, 30)
Benjamin, Hamilton, Kish, Bonelli, McRae (Nov 29; Dec 5)

The Nutcracker December 10 – January 16 2013
Nuñez, Soares, Maguire, Campbell, Saunders (Dec 10, 14)
Morera, Bonelli, Harrod, Maloney, Gartside (Dec 11, 23m; Jan 2m)
Marquez, McRae, Hinkis, Cervera, Avis (Dec 13‡)
Hamilton, Trzensimiech, Hayward, Dyer, Marriott (Dec 27m)
Choe, Hirano*, Hinkis, Ondiviela, Avis (Dec 27)
Kobayashi, Hristov, Westcombe, Hay, Saunders (Dec 28; Jan 1)
Hamilton, Trzensimiech, Hinkis, Ondiviela, Avis (Dec 31m)
Takada, McRae, Maguire, Cervera, Avis (Dec 31; Jan 5m)
Cojocaru, Kobborg, Maguire, Campbell, Saunders (Jan 2, 12)
Choe, Hirano, Maguire, Ondiviela, Avis (Jan 8)
Lamb, Pennefather, Hinkis, Ondiviela, Avis (Jan 12m, Jan 16)
Kaneko, Kish, Cope, Kay, Marriott (Jan 15)

†all casting is subject to change so please check on the Royal Opera House website
*denotes a debut in the role
‡live cinema relay

March 21 2012
Royal Ballet LIVE, March 23rd

An extraordinary event and a first in the history of the Royal Opera House, with live video being streamed onto YouTube throughout the day.

  10.30 Daily Class - including interviews with Jonathan Cope and Kristen McNally
  11.35 Wayne McGregor interview
  12.00 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland rehearsal
  12.30 Dancers interview
  13.05 Monica Mason interview
  13:20 Prince of the Pagodas rehearsal
  13.50 Marianela Nuñez interview
  13.55 Barry Wordsworth and Rob Clark interview
  14.00 Polyphonia rehearsal
  14.30 Dancers interview
  15.15 Street Stories - education project with East London dance students
  16.10 Romeo and Juliet rehearsal
  16.50 Dancers Interview
  17.00 New Liam Scarlett ballet rehearsal
  17.30 Liam Scarlett interview
  18.30 Carbon Life - including interviews with Wayne McGregor and Mark Ronson

Watch highlights on the YouTube.

March 14 2012
Royal Ballet schedule for the 2012/2013 season

12 main stage programmes, 123 performances†, (m = matinée)

Swan Lake x20 performances - Oct 8, 10, 11, 12, 13m, 13, 15, 17m, 17, 23, 25, 27; Nov 6, 9, 10m, 10 15, 22, 24m, 24 Casting
Viscera (Scarlett) / Infra (McGregor) / Fool’s Paradise (Wheeldon) x6 - Nov 3, 5, 7, 8, 12, 14 Casting
All-MacMillan programme: Concerto / Las Hermanas / Requiem x 6 - Nov 17, 21, 27, 29, 30; Dec 5 Casting

Swan Lake
Sarah Lamb and Federico Bonelli in Swan Lake. Photo by Bill Cooper ©ROH/Bill Cooper

The Nutcracker x19 - Dec 10, 11, 13, 14, 23m, 27m, 27, 28, 31m, 31; Jan 1, 2m, 2, 5m, 8, 12m, 12, 15, 16 Casting
The Firebird (Fokine) / In the Night (Robbins) / Raymonda Act III (Petipa & Nureyev) x6 - Dec 22m, 29, 29; Jan 4, 9, 11 Casting
Onegin (Cranko) x13 - Jan 19, 22, 23, 25, 26m, 30, 31; Feb 1, 2m, 2, 5, 7, 8 Casting
All-Ashton programme: La Valse / Thaïs pdd / Voices of Spring pdd / Monotones I & II / Marguerite and Armand x5 - Feb 12, 13, 15, 21, 23 Casting
Apollo (Balanchine) / Aeternum (NEW Wheeldon) / 24 Preludes (NEW Ratmansky) x5 - Feb 22, 23m; March 7, 9m, 14 Casting
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Wheeldon) x11 - March 15, 19, 21, 23m, 25, 27, 28; April 2, 6m, 11, 13 Casting
La Bayadère x12 - April 5, 9, 12, 20m, 27m; May 1, 2, 6m, 6, 13, 14, 22 Casting
Mayerling (MacMillan) x 13 - April 19, 25, 30; May 3m, 30; June 1m, 1, 5, 6, 10, 12, 13, 15 Casting
Hansel and Gretel (NEW Liam Scarlett) Linbury x4 - May 9, 10, 11m, 11 Casting
Raven Girl (NEW McGregor) / Symphony in C (Balanchine) x7 - May 24, 28, 29m 29; June 3, 8m, 8 Casting

Details including Linbury and RBS performances are on the ROH website. Press release about the season.

†Please note that schedules may change during the season so you should double check dates with the ROH website.

March 14 2012
Linbury Studio Theatre dance performances for 2012/2013

(m = matinée)

Three & Four Quarters (Mats Ek, Javier de Frutos, Luca Silvestrini, Didy Veldman) - Sept 7, 8, 10, 11
Crossing Points, Phoenix Dance Theatre (Ana Luján Sánchez, Henri Oguike, Sharon Watson, Kwesi Johnson) - Oct 25, 26, 27
FAR / 3 New Works, Wayne McGregor, Random Dance (Wayne McGregor / Robert Binet, Alex Whitley, Paolo Mangiola) - Nov 15, 16, 17 (FAR); Nov 21, 22, 23, 24 (Triple bill)
Be Like Water - Nov 27, 28
The Wind in the Willows (Will Tuckett) Dec 12 - Jan 5
Ballet Black - February / March
The Metamorphosis (Arthur Pita) March 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23m, 23
Danish Dance Theatre (Tim Rushton) - March
NEW Scarlett (Liam Scarlett) - May
Bern:Ballet (Cathy Marston) - May
The Royal Ballet School Summer Performances July 3, 4, 5, 6m, 6
(RBS main stage performance - July 14)

January 23 2012
Critics' Circle National Dance Awards 2011

The 12th National Dance Awards winners were announced at The Place, London on the 23rd of January 2012. Winners from The Royal Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet were:

Best Classical Choreography (sponsored by The Ballet Association)
David Bintley for Cinderella by Birmingham Royal Ballet

The Dancing Times Award for Best Male Dancer
Steven McRae / The Royal Ballet

Outstanding Male Performance (Classical)
Gary Avis / The Royal Ballet

CC Awards
Gary Avis and Steven McRae with their awards. Photo ©Dave Morgan

The full list of winners is on the Critics' Circle website.
More photos by Dave Morgan on the Balletco website.

January 14 2012
Royal Ballet 2011/2012 Period 4 casting
(m = matinée)

Ballo della regina / La Sylphide May 21 - Jun 15
Ballo della regina
Nuñez, Kish* (May 21, 24, 26; June 12)
Morera, Bonelli (May 22, 26m; June 7, 15)
La Sylphide
Cojocaru, McRae (May 21)
Marquez, McRae (May 24, 26)
Rojo, Trzensimiech* (May 22, 26m)
Lamb, Kobborg (June 7)
Cojocaru, Kobborg (June 12)
Lamb, Trzensimiech (June 15)

La Sylphide
Bournonville's La Sylphide: Sorella Englund as Madge with members of the Royal Ballet. Photo Johan Persson ©ROH/Johan Persson 2005

The Prince of the Pagodas June 2-29
Nuñez*, Rojo*, Kish* (June 2, 6, 18)
Stix-Brunell*, Mendizabal*, Hirano* (June 9, 21, 27)
Lamb*, Morera*, Bonelli* (June 13, 29)

Birthday Offering / A Month in the Country / Les Noces June 30 - July 7
Birthday Offering
Rojo*, Bonelli* (June 30; July 4, 7)
Nuñez*, Soares (July 3, 6)
A Month in the Country
Yanowsky, Pennefather (June 30; July 4, 7)
Cojocaru*, Bonelli* (July 3, 6)
Les Noces
Arestis, Hirano* (June 30; July 4, 7)
McNally*, Hristov (July 3, 6)

Titian 2012 July 14-20
(July 14, 16, 17, 20)
Choreography Kim Brandstrup, Wayne McGregor; Music Jonathan Dove; Artist Chris Ofili
Dancers Leanne Benjamin, Tamara Rojo, Carlos Acosta, Edward Watson
Choreography Alastair Marriott, Christopher Wheeldon; Music Nico Muhly; Artist Conrad Shawcross
Dancers Sarah Lamb, Melissa Hamilton, Beatriz Stix-Brunell, Nehemiah Kish, Steven McRae
Diana & Actaeon
Choreography Liam Scarlett, Will Tuckett, Jonathan Watkins; Music Mark-Anthony Turnage; Artist Mark Wallinger
Dancers Marianela Nuñez, Federico Bonelli

†all casting is subject to change so please check on the Royal Opera House website
*denotes a debut in the role

October 24 2011
Deborah Bull – her dancing life
Two videos in which ex-Royal Ballet Principal Dancer Deborah Bull talks about her life in dance and introduces her book The Everyday Dancer (with a little help from Christina Arestis and Edward Watson).

October 13 2011
Royal Ballet 2011/2012 Period 3 casting

(m = matinée)

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland March 17 – April 16
Cuthbertson, Bonelli (Mar 17, 26; Apr 13, 16)
Lamb, McRae (Mar 19, 27; Apr 9m)
Stix-Brunell*, Kish* (Mar 24m, 29; Apr 3)**

Polyphonia (Wheeldon) / Sweet Violets (NEW Scarlett) / Carbon Life (NEW McGregor)
April 5–23
Benjamin, Stix-Brunell*, Cuthbertson*, Mendizabal*, Kish*, Dyer*, Campbell*, Trzensimiech* (Apr 5, 10, 18)
Lamb, Naghdi*, Choe*, Raine*, Stepanek*, Hay*, Ondiviela*, Trzensimiech* (Apr 12, 14, 23)
Sweet Violets
Cojocaru,* Morera,* Rojo,* Cope,* Kobborg,* Bonelli,* McRae,* Soares* (Apr 5, 10, 18)
Morera,* Nuñez,* Hinkis,* Gartside,* Cope,* Cervera,* Campbell,* Whitehead* (Apr 12, 14, 23)
Carbon Life
(all performances)
Cowley,* Cuthbertson,* Hamilton,* Lamb,* Nuñez,* Hirano,* Kay,* McRae,* Underwood,* Watson*
Singers: Boy George, Alison Mosshart, Jonny Pierce, Hero Fisher, Wale
Marianela Nuñez and Carlos Acosta in La Fille mal gardée. Photo by Bill Cooper ©ROH/Bill Cooper 2005

La Fille mal gardée April 20 – May 16
Nuñez, Acosta (Apr 20, 26)
Cojocaru, Kobborg (Apr 24, 28)
Morera, Cervera (Apr 28m; May 2)
Choe, Maloney (May 4, 9)
Marquez, McRae (May 11, 16)

†all casting is subject to change so please check on the Royal Opera House website
*denotes a debut in the role
**change from originally announced casting

October 8 2011
The Launch of The Frederick Ashton Foundation

(From the Royal Opera House press release)

The Frederick Ashton Foundation is launched today, with the principal aim of perpetuating the legacy and work of the distinguished English choreographer. The Frederick Ashton Foundation is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. It will be based at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.
Frederick Ashton at a rehearsal of Facade. Photo by Anthony Crickmay ©V&A Theatre Museum

The formal objects of The Frederick Ashton Foundation are “to utilise the legacy of the distinguished English choreographer, the late Sir Frederick Ashton, to advance the education of the public in and the appreciation and performance of the art of ballet and its allied arts in the United Kingdom and throughout the world, and for the public benefit to pursue a broad range of activities and programmes, including ballet reconstructions and revivals, publications, and lectures and videos, and to promote research in all aspects of the subject and to publish the useful results.”

The Foundation’s aims will be realised through coordinating and encouraging the work of Associates working in a broad range of areas, including:

a) establishing an online Ashton Archive to include the filming of relevant work in the studio, master classes, and interviews with those who worked with Ashton; cataloguing film archive material in connection with Ashton and his work; and making the catalogue and as much of the original material as possible available to the dance sector and the wider public through the Archive.

b) writers and archivists carrying out research and publishing material in connection with Ashton and his work; cataloguing written and photographic material; and making the catalogue and as much of the original material as possible available to the dance sector and the wider public through the online Ashton Archive.

c) organising and arranging exhibitions, conferences, seminars, lectures and lecture demonstrations on Ashton and his work and other events promoting the Foundation’s aims.

The Foundation will have a close association with the existing Ashton ballet copyright holders (the Ashton Trust) and will, amongst its other activities, work with them to develop the skills of those who will be registered to teach, coach and stage Ashton’s ballets in the future, thus ensuring the survival of the Ashton Legacy for generations to come.

The establishment of The Frederick Ashton Foundation has been made possible by a generous donation from The Tomlinson Family Trust. Tony Dyson, Chairman of the Foundation, said:

“We are hugely indebted to the generosity of Lindsay and Sarah Tomlinson, without whose support we would not have had the means to establish the Foundation. As committed supporters of The Royal Ballet and great lovers of the works of Frederick Ashton, they realise how important it is to ensure Ashton’s legacy is maintained, and we are very grateful to them. I am delighted too that they, together with ROH chief executive Tony Hall and vice-president of The Royal Ballet Lady Sarah Chatto, have agreed to become Founding Patrons of the Foundation.”

Dame Monica Mason DBE, Director of The Royal Ballet, welcomed the initiative, saying:

“I am delighted that it has been possible to set up the Foundation. It is of paramount importance that, as Founder Choreographer of The Royal Ballet, Ashton’s choreographic legacy can be safeguarded for future generations and the rights holders of his works can be supported by the Foundation’s activities.”

Initial projects
with which the Foundation is associated include:

November 2011 - Insight Evening at the ROH: a Degas at the Royal Academy event in conjunction with the Royal Academy of Arts
November 2011 – The Royal Ballet In Rehearsal (Enigma Variations)
March 2012 – Birmingham Royal Ballet and The Two Pigeons: rehearsal to be filmed (Birmingham Hippodrome)
April 2012 – The Royal Ballet In Rehearsal (La Fille mal gardée)

Founding Patrons of The Frederick Ashton Foundation
Lady Sarah Chatto
Lord Hall of Birkenhead CBE (Tony Hall)
Lindsay Tomlinson OBE and Sarah Tomlinson

Trustees of The Frederick Ashton Foundation
(Trustees are directors of the limited company)
Tony Dyson (chairman): Architect, Chairman of Dancers’ Career Development (formerly Chairman of Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, Trustee of Rambert Dance Company, Trustee of the Michael Clark Foundation).
David Bintley CBE: Director of Birmingham Royal Ballet and of the National Ballet of Japan
Felicity Clark: Member of the Advisory Council of the Royal Ballet School
Jeanetta Laurence: Associate Director of The Royal Ballet
Dame Monica Mason DBE: Director of The Royal Ballet
Kevin O’Hare: Administrative Director of The Royal Ballet and Director-elect
Anthony Russell-Roberts CBE: Nephew of Sir Frederick Ashton

Executive Director (part-time post)
Christopher Nourse: Freelance dance administrator, Governor of The Royal Ballet (formerly Administrative Director of Sadler’s Wells/Birmingham Royal Ballet, Executive Director of Rambert Dance Company, Managing Director of English National Ballet)