Royal Ballet memorial stone lettered by Stephen Raw
unveiled in Westminster Abbey

Positioned near Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey, Stephen’s design has been unveiled at a service on Tuesday 17 November 2009. Stephen’s commission was to celebrate the four founders of the Royal Ballet: Dame Ninette de Valois, Sir Frederick Ashton, Constant Lambert and Dame Margot Fonteyn. He has done this using his distinctive lettering style contrasting with formal capitals for the words THE ROYAL BALLET, THE FOUNDERS. (See photo)

The stone’s ‘champion’ has been Sir John Tooley (past General Director of The Royal Opera House) who has sought a fitting memorial to the founders in the Abbey for some years. He worked closely with Stephen and saw the design through the various committees.

Stephen’s design, cut in Cumbrian slate by one of Britain’s leading letter cutters, Annet Stirling, also has the added attraction of having the four names in gold. This is the first such use of gilding in an Abbey floor memorial.

The expectation is that many from the world of ballet, including people who just simply love the art of dancing, will go to the Abbey to pay their respects at the nation’s heart for such memorials.

Dame Monica Mason, director of The Royal Ballet said: “It is a fitting honour that the founders of The Royal Ballet are recognised. Dame Ninette de Valois worked tirelessly to establish her companies and school. With Frederick Ashton, Constant Lambert and Margot Fonteyn, she brought ballet to a huge new audience. Through their immense contribution, ballet in Britain is now a thriving art form and The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Royal Ballet School are known throughout the world.”

Annet Stirling, Stephen Raw, and Sir John Tooley inspect the stone before it was laid in the
floor of Westminster Abbey. Photo ©Stephen Raw

A detail of the inscription. Photo ©Stephen Raw

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